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Regester Associates - Southeastern Pennsylvania Land Surveyors & Civil Engineers - About Us

Serving Chester, Delaware, and Lancaster Counties of Pennsylvania

At Regester Associates, Inc. we strive to deliver our customers the quality of service they have come to expect at a competitive rate. This practice has helped Regester to become one of the best land surveying companies in Southeast Pennsylvania. By utilizing state of the art equipment, such as Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and robotic surveying equipment, we are able to deliver solutions to clients efficiently, cost effectively, and quickly.

Committed to Our Clients

Our commitment to a client begins with your very first phone call.  We’ll walk you through the steps needed to complete your project, provide you with an estimate of the expected costs, and establish a project schedule.  From our first meeting with you, through securing final regulatory approvals from local, state, and federal agencies, Regester Associates, Inc., keeps you informed of the status of your project at all times.  We maintain open lines of communication in order to help you to make cost-effective decisions and to keep your project on-schedule.

Experience that Counts

Whether we are working on the site engineering for a major office building or preparing a building permit application for a home addition, we know that every township’s regulations are unique and can be confusing at times.  We are experienced in working with many of the municipalities in Southeastern Pennsylvania, allowing us to quickly identify the unique issues that may impact your project, and to formulate the best approach to bring it to a successful realization.

A History of Service

We have been serving developers, homeowners, realtors, attorneys, title companies, utilities, and the construction industry in southeastern Pennsylvania with a full array of land surveying and civil engineering services for over seventy years.  Whether you are a property owner planning to build an addition onto your home, or a developer of large residential or commercial real estate projects, we are dedicated to helping to turn your ideas into reality.


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